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shooting Sunset

For me landscape and outdoor photography encompass a great deal of subject matter and affords me the opportunity to explore the world and share the most beautiful, rare and unique experiences.  The images derived from these encounters range from iconic landscapes, to unique rock formations, to beautiful sunrises and sunsets, to nature’s wonders, to wildlife, etc.  I typically am drawn to the great outdoors and photography simply allows me to share my experiences.

I am self-taught and love to try new techniques and experiment with my equipment and the environment.  In addition to capturing unique locations, I also shoot iconic locations but always try to put my twist on my shots by utilizing my original techniques, perspectives and creative eye.

Traveling and exploring new and unique places and witnessing natures beauty is what inspires me.  The challenge becomes how to best capture the beauty to share with the world in a new and original way. I love to incorporate filters to create the surreal look of long exposures by ‘dragging’ time.

My love for travel and the outdoors stems from life as an army brat and from being on active duty myself.  I think it has ingrained the travel bug in my DNA permanently.  When traveling, I try not to go into each location with a pre-planned image list so that I can explore without hunting for specific images and rather live unscripted let things develop naturally. 

In addition to ‘land’ photography I also do aerial photography via remote pilot’s license (aka drones) and underwater photography by incorporating my gear with my love of SCUBA diving. 

I do my best to elicit emotion from my artwork and generate a feeling about a particular location, event, animal or scene that is easily relatable.  I hope you truly enjoy and welcome your comments.


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