Reviews and Testimonials

“Dave Nydam has the gift of showing the incredible beauty of natural landscapes and it makes ones heart feel at peace. We are extremely honored to have been selected to display and offer his pieces to the public via our little slice of Downtown Las Vegas…” – Downtown Decor

“My wife and I purchased 3 beautiful landscape photos and are very happy with our selections. We've received so many compliments from people who have visited our home. The photos are surreal and come to life at every level of light!   -- Mario H.

"I am totally impressed with Dave Nydam's collection of work.  When I saw the print, First Light, of Sunrise Beach , Hawaii I realized I was there in the exact same spot with my boyfriend and it brought back such fond memories.  I had to purchase the print and have had it now for about 5 years and I still love it!  Absolutely gorgeous, he really captured this moment well.     --Doreen P.

"Absolutely stunning work, Dave. You have the ability to show your work in a whole new dimension."    --Andrew Y.

"My Horseshoe Bend photo is stunning.  It hangs in my living room and mesmerizes me each and every day. Dave has managed to capture both the wildness and the serenity that is the glory of nature.  And the color - wow!  The depth of color and the way all the colors play off each other is breathtaking.  I absolutely love this photo."     --Theresa N.

"I can't believe the clarity and detail.  Its like being there in person.  Truly amazing!."    -- Phil B.

“I am always impressed with the quality of the work that I received from Dave Nydam Photography. I also love knowing that I’m supporting an artist from our geographical location.”    -- JT Marshall

“I look at several pieces often throughout the day, especially when I’m feeling stuck or overwhelmed, and instantly feel better, inspired and energized by the Dave’s choice of landscape locations and the grand composition of the backgrounds.”    – T. Gerlach

“We love Dave Nydam’s work, having seen it exhibited both at Downtown Decor and in several of my prominent Clients residences. The work is always of top quality and his love of and for nature is very evident within every breathtaking image. We specialize in Residential Estate Management and Concierge services and are always recommending Dave Nydam Photography to our Clients, as well as specifying bespoke 1st Editions within most of our projects interior décor…”   -- Custom International

“I purchased four fine art pieces from Dave Nydam and absolutely love them.  The quality is nothing less than spectacular and the images match my living space perfectly.  They give the touch of beauty and class that make me feel like my home is a home.   I give nothing less than the highest marks and fully recommend Dave Nydam Photography to everyone, even the most critical collectors.”   -- BB