Print Only

Glossy prints on heavyweight photo paper have been the Professional Photographers choice for photographic enlargements for decades.  These photo prints have maximum resolution, clarity, smooth tonality and dynamic range giving incredible photo printing quality with a traditional presentation. They are excellent for those Big Prints you have always dreamed of.  We create custom ICC profiles for each media and then tweak the tone curve for optimal quality photo prints and color matching across all medias.  We use Ilford Gallerie Gloss archival paper for our traditional photo printing and framing under glass, and feel it is the best in class photo paper available today.

 Specifics: Illford Gallerie Prestige Smooth Gloss features the very latest HDR (High Dynamic Range) optically clear coating and coupled with recent advancements in resin-coated inkjet receiving layer design, makes this the reference media for producing images with superb clarity, high sharpness and excellent color gamut. (Surface - Gloss, Weight - 10 gsm, Opacity - 99%, Caliper - 310 microns)


Acrylic Prints – Our Most Popular Option

Our acrylic face mount prints use the proprietary Lumachrome technology which is engineered to overcome and surpass the limitations of traditional light, laser and inkjet prints.  This process brings out unbelievable resolution, clarity, color vibrancy and depth, creating images with three dimensional qualities.  Details appear to emerge from the depths of the image due to the Lumachrome transparency layer which is infused with iridium particles and encapsulated in a layer suspended between the poly surface and acrylic.  With proper lighting these prints have a radiant glowing response and appear to be back lit, creating the high end gallery look.  After the printing and quality control process the image is mounted to optically clear UV filtering acrylic and finished with an imported Italian wood float mount frame (unless you choose one of our custom frames).  

Lumachrome Details


Specifics:  1/8" Optically Clear Acrylic Facemount with satin edges and a 3mm Comatex protective backing and finished with an HD 1.375" ROMA back mounted floating frame.



Metal Prints

Our metal prints are high gloss state of the art, and use a custom dye sublimation process that infuses the dyes directly into specially coated 1/16” aluminum sheet.  Since the image is infused into the metal they appear to be three dimensional.  Our Metal prints are very scratch resistant, waterproof and easy to maintain.  They are then finished with a floating or inset frame depending on size.

 Specifics: 1/16” high poly-coated clear aluminum sheet infused with photographic dye applied under high pressure with heat.


Canvas Prints

Our canvas prints are like nothing you have seen. They are created with 8 color OIL BASED INKS on the finest canvas using our custom tone curves.  If you are looking for the best canvas prints & reproductions you will be impressed by the oil-like original quality of our photos on canvas.  These canvas prints have incredible photographic resolution, clarity, vibrancy and dynamic range giving incredible photo image quality. Canvas photo prints are waterproof and don't crack like water based canvas.  Images are stretched around the edges, so they are beautiful either framed or unframed.

 Specifics:  Canvas Gallery Wrap on 1.5 Stretcher Frame.