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Glacier National Park is in northwest Montana near the Canadian border. During my visit, there were forest fires on the west side and Logan Pass was closed at the visitor’s center (in the middle) so I was only able to explore and experience the east side. I did, however, venture the to far west and was able to get some shots of Lake McDonald with the fires and smoke in the background. This was my first experience in bear territory not during their hibernation period, so it was a bit unnerving while hiking. I studied and put in practice all the bear safety techniques to ensure safe and fun exploration. I did encounter, from a safe distance, a black bear at Swiftcurrent Falls and a Grizzly mom and her cubs around Lake Sherburne. My other hikes and travels in the park include Two Medicine Lake, Running Eagle Falls, St Mary’s Lake and Falls, Virginia Falls, Hidden Lake Overlook and Lake McDonald. Here are some images of my journey through this breathtaking National Park.