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Rocky Mountain National Park is located about 76 miles northwest of Denver near Estes Park.  The Continental Divide runs generally thru the center of the park.  The hikes here were all spectacular and are home to numerous mountain lakes making each hike a beautiful journey.  We spent about three days here and logged well over 26 miles and visited over eight mountain lakes.  Although it was only early October and the temperature at the mountain base was near 60 degrees Fahrenheit. We did have to turn back from one hike due to icy conditions near the peak where crampons are a must!  During the time we spent here the Elk were also rutting and were prevalent all over the park as well as in downtown Estes.

Rocky Mountain National Park at SunsetRocky Mountain NP Lake with RocksRocky Mountain NP Lake with MountainRocky Mountain NP Elk in the WildRocky Mountain NP Mountain ViewRocky Mountain NP Lake ViewLone Pine against MountainRocky Mountain NP Iced WaterfallRocky Mountain NP Elk in PublicRocky Mountain NP Elk in Estes