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After Yellowstone I headed a bit south to visit the Grand Tetons in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.  I spent three days exploring the national park and surrounding areas in search of wildlife and breath taking landscape images.  I was successful in finding a few Moose, Elk, Bald Eagles, Long Horn Sheep and a unique Pygmy Owl.  The temperatures hovered around zero degrees Fahrenheit in the morning and warmed up to about 20 degrees by the afternoon.  This just meant that I had to plan accordingly with extra batteries and warm clothing. 

On two of the mornings, I hiked out to Mormon Row in attempts to capture the Moulton Barn.  The parking lot was about 2 miles from the barn and I had to hit the trail while it was still dark. The path was packed from previous hikers and snowshoers so I was able to make it in hiking boots but  I did have to use my headlamp due to the thick fog and lack of light pre-sunrise.  If I wandered just a step off the packed path, I would find myself knee deep in the softer snow.  On the first morning the fog never cleared so I didn't get any great landscape shots with the Grand Tetons in the background.  I did get an audio recording of the coyotes yipping and howling though, and when coupled with the limited visibility made the atmosphere a little bit spooky.  

Although the fog made the distant landscape shots extremely difficult, it did transform the environment for intimate or macro landscape shots of the crystals formed in the snow and on the trees.  It also created very dramatic scenes where the forests were barely visible through the fog. The key here was just to make the best of use of the unique weather and capture images in the moment.

On the second morning, I hiked back out to Mormon Row and had much better visibility and was able to capture a few nice images.  I then headed over to the Elk Refuge and found some Bald Eagles feeding on an Elk carcass.  I also captured the feeding of the Elk while they chased the feed truck.

All in all I had a great time here and would love to return when the snow clears and the bears come out with their cubs.  

Below are several images that document my time in Jackson Hole and Moose, Wyoming:

  • Framhouse with Tetons
  • Misty Morning with Pine Trees
  • Mormon Cabin
  • Purple Tetons
  • Ice Trees
  • Sunset on an Old Ranch
  • Winter Pine Trees