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I just had the opportunity to tour Yellowstone during the winter and witnessed some amazing wildlife scenes. It is interesting to understand that the park is closed during the winter except to snow cat tours and snow mobile tours. So as part of a photography tour with Natural Exposures we entered the park daily on large tracked and/or wheeled snow cats. We spent the days driving through different parts of the park spotting for wildlife.  During the course of the four days we spotted the following animals and were able to photograph them in some capacity: Bison, Coyotes, Trumpeter Swans, Bald Eagles, Blue Heron, Elk, Fox, Raccoon and Beavers.

In addition to the wildlife, we also captured some landscape photography of Old Faithful and several of the thermal areas in the park.  These thermal areas emit so much heat it causes large clouds of mist which makes photography quite difficult at times.  Patience and a small breeze can make all the difference in the world.

Here are a few sample images...

  • Standoff at Yellowstone
  • Iced River
  • Fox on the Hunt
  • Buffalo in the Snow
  • Yellowstone Abstract
  • Ducks on the River
  • Eagle in Flight
  • Yellostone Abstract
  • Icy River in Yellowstone